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Best Dentist in Orange County

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Best Dentist in Orange County - Best Dentist in Orange County

At Park Place Dentistry, we are fully confident that you will find the best dentist in Orange County at our office. In addition to providing a variety of cosmetic dentistry options, such as Invisalign, dental implants, veneers, and teeth whitening, we also like to focus on general dentistry procedures, like root canals, and overall prevention measures that will keep your teeth healthy. Our preventative care measures include check-ups, regular and thorough hygiene cleanings, and dental sealants.


Best Dentist in Orange County - Best Dentist in Orange County

Our dental sealants are made of thin, durable plastic and are placed on the surface of teeth in order to prevent tooth decay. They are most commonly placed on back teeth, such as molars. The sealant bonds itself into every last area of your tooth and its various grooves, protecting your tooth from plaque and substances that can harm your tooth over time, such as food particles. Sealants are common among children and teenagers in order to help protect against future cavities. Adults who do not have cavity fillings already can also benefit from the application of sealants. The sealants are white and closely match your teeth, so they will be virtually undetectable. Once your teeth are cleaned, the process of applying the sealant is quick and easy and causes no pain. Although the sealant will likely protect your teeth for several years, we encourage our patients to visit the best dentist in Orange County for regular check-ups, where sealants are checked for chipping or other potential issues.

Dental Cleanings

Park Place Dentistry strongly believes that regular dental cleanings and hygiene visits can make a world of difference for your teeth and prevent costly and painful problems later. We also understand that some of our patients may have had painful experiences getting thorough cleanings done in the past. That’s why we are careful and gentle, and listen to your feedback throughout your cleaning.

Best Dentist in Orange County 2 - Best Dentist in Orange County

Your dental cleaning will involve the removal of plaque and tartar that have built up on the surface of your teeth. By cleaning and polishing your teeth, we are able to remove this build up and create a sort of “clean slate” for you to clean your teeth thoroughly at home. We will use a variety of tools to remove large and small deposits from your teeth’s surfaces and harder to reach areas. We might also give you a treatment of fluoride, which is used to strengthen the surfaces of your teeth.

Most of our patients find that dental cleanings are not painful, despite feeling some of the tickling that is present during a cleaning. However, if your gums are sore, then it might be a painful experience for you. If you are in pain during one of our dental cleanings, be sure to let your hygienist know so the experience can be made more comfortable for you. As part of our commitment to being the best dentist in Orange County, we strive to make sure that you walk away from your cleaning simply enjoying the clean, smooth feeling of your teeth.

Retainers and Night Guards

Best Denstist in Orange County 3 - Best Dentist in Orange County

Our focus on being the best dentist in Orange County extends to every aspect of preventing dental issues, including the usage of retainers and night guards. Retainers are used to hold your teeth in place and are often utilized before or after the use of braces. If you could benefit from a retainer, your dentist will talk with you about the type that will work best for you and instruct you on how often you should wear the device – whether it is during the day or every evening. Retainers are custom made to fit your teeth and gums.

Night guards are similar to retainers, but are used to protect your teeth from injury that can occur from teeth grinding. Similarly, mouth guards in general protect your teeth during sports and other physical activity. Rather than using a bulky stock night guard found from the store, visiting our office will provide you with a custom fitted guard that is designed according to the fit that your dentist has determined is right for you. Due to the custom fit, these night guards are more comfortable than others and offer better protection.

Your dentist will determine whether you need a guard for your top teeth only, or for both your top and bottom teeth, depending on your situation. Nocturnal teeth grinding can cause significant damage to your teeth over time, so a night guard that is easy to clean and does not restrict your breathing is an ideal option for preventing damage and keeping your mouth healthy.