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Welcome to Park Place Dentistry

park place dentistryAt PARK PLACE DENTISTRY We Take Care of You Like Our Own Family

Park Place Dentistry has been one of the most advanced dental offices in the heart of Orange County since 1999. At Park Place Dentistry, we strive to provide the highest quality dental care, using the latest technology, in a comfortable and friendly environment with reasonable prices.

We take pride in providing care for patients referred to us by word of mouth from all four corners of the world. What makes our office attractive to these fastidious patients is the range of services offered, the convenient appointments and location, and the caring staff and doctors.

Our philosophy is to provide a conservative treatment while being aggressive about preventing diseases of the mouth and teeth. To ensure our patients are well aware of their available options, we present a comprehensive care plan, utilizing different disciplines in dentistry. We also incorporate any suggestions we might have related to Cosmetic Dentistry and Smile Design, so that our patients can achieve the confident smile they always wanted while addressing their current dental issue at hand.

If you have dental issues, turn to an Irvine dentist who will respond and listen to your concerns. Dr. Masi Hashemian is an experienced professional who understands the field and can effectively diagnose and treat problems quickly. The rest of the staff at Park Place Dentistry supports this highly regarded Irvine dentist with a dedication to providing quality, personalized attention to every patient.

We would like to invite you to visit our office at your convenience, and let us provide you with an exceptional dental experience.

(949) 556-3800

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