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Our emphasis here at Park Place Dentistry is on total preventive dental care with the highest quality of services.

Total care begins with regular hygiene visits, check-ups, and a continued home oral health routine.

We emphasize PREVENTION — in fact, our slogan has been: “To be CONSERVATIVE in dentistry, one has to be aggressive in PREVENTION.”

About General Dentistry

Our Orange County office in Irvine also provides the highest quality services to restore badly damaged teeth due to dental diseases, decay, or injuries. Your Irvine cosmetic dentist at Park Place Dentistry also improves not-so-attractive smiles through smile design and cosmetic dentistry, thereby improving the quality of patients’ lives by taking advantage of technologies and materials. Your Irvine dentist offers preventative and restorative services such as:

  • Sealants (preventive coating for teeth)
  • Bonding (white fillings)
  • Porcelain onlays and inlays
  • Porcelain (metal-free) crowns


The Best Possible Care

Regardless of the type of dentistry you need, you can count on Irvine dentist Dr. Masi Hashemian to have the experience, staff, and technology needed to get you back to smiling widely.

Please contact your cosmetic dentist In Irvine at Park Place Dentistry for a convenient appointment.

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