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Implant Dentist Irvine

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Implant Dentist Irvine - Implant Dentist IrvineWith the help of advances in the field of dentistry, losing a tooth no longer means that you have to live with a gap in your mouth or simply give in to having dentures down the road. Our implant dentist in Irvine can help you determine if a dental implant will work best for you instead. If you care for your implants, they can last for a lifetime. Simply contact our Orange County office, where you will be put in touch with Dr. Hashemian.

Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss, and the reasons can vary from gum disease to tooth decay. In some cases, injuries and contact from sports can also cause tooth loss. As long as your gums are healthy enough to hold the implant, you are likely a candidate for the procedure.

Dental implants are designed to look remarkably similar to real teeth. They even act as real teeth, allowing you to eat, drink, and brush as normal without fear of the implant falling out. Rather than just replacing the crown portion of the tooth, our dental implants’ security is provided by a root replacement as well. The crown replacement is then firmly anchored to the root. Once your permanent dental implant is in place, you will notice that they are also more comfortable than removable tooth replacements, and you won’t spend the day worrying if it is going to fall out at inopportune or embarrassing moments. They won’t slip while you are talking and will make you more confident in your smile.

Park Place Dentistry has been serving clients since 1999. While searching for an implant dentist in Irvine, you want to stick with a trusted provider that regularly receives referrals from happy and satisfied clients. We provide personalized care for each individual we see, and offer appointments during lunch hours and in early mornings and early evenings in order to accommodate every client’s schedule.

What Should I Expect From My First Visit?

Implant Dentist Irvine - Implant Dentist Irvine

At your first visit in our office, you will need to complete health history and insurance paperwork. We can also send you these forms via mail, email, or fax machine if you would like to print and fill them out ahead of time to bring with you. We typically schedule one to one and a half hours for the Initial Comprehensive Exam, which usually involve a cleaning, oral cancer screening, review of radiographic images, and other evaluations. You will leave your first visit with a proposed treatment plan and your options for dental implants. Prior to your next appointment, our goal is to have an estimated insurance coverage information form for you. If you have any questions or concerns about the dental implant process, our team is available to speak with you at any time.

If you are seeking dental implants and have already seen another dentist – but want a second opinion – please bring your latest X-rays with you, along with any other information you have from your visit to the other dental office. We will complement that information with our own discoveries.


At Park Place Dentistry, we understand that many of our patients do not have dental coverage through an insurance company. We believe that the absence of coverage should not prevent any of our potential patients from receiving quality dental care. We encourage you to talk with someone in our office about your financial options. You might even qualify for low interest or no interest monthly payments through the Care Credit program. Our financial plans can also be used to cover any procedures or treatments that are not included in your insurance benefits, or costs that exceed your maximum coverage. If you do have dental insurance, we are happy to process the claims for you in our office. We are dedicated to keeping you informed of your proposed dental treatment plans and how the plans translate to insurance coverage or payments.

Emergency Tooth Loss

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As an implant dentist in Irvine, we recognize that not all incidents of tooth loss occur in an expected fashion. If you experience a broken tooth, rinse the affected area with warm water and put a cold compress on your face at the injured area. Contact our office immediately for dental care. If your tooth is completely knocked out, bring the tooth to our office as soon as possible in a cup of milk or water, or inserted into the empty socket and held in place with a piece of clean gauze. If you are experiencing any problems with tooth loss or a broken tooth and are unsure of what to do, call our office immediately.