Proper dental care procedures at home go far beyond just brushing twice a day and flossing occasionally, like many parents believe. Here are some important dental tricks and tips for kids that will ensure a healthy mouth and strong teeth:

  • Use toothpaste that are specially formulated for kids.
    These toothpastes are designed to be better for children and often have a more appealing flavor to make brushing more enjoyable. Ask your child’s dentist if the toothpaste should include fluoride or not.
  • Get a brush that fits your child’s mouth.
    There are different toothbrushes available for different sizes of mouths. Be sure to ask your child’s dentist which is the best brush. A brush that is too big or too small may not clean teeth very effectively.
  • Teach your children that brushing is healthy.
    Try to brush your child’s teeth in the morning, at night, and after every meal or snack. Instead of treating it like a chore, remind your child that it’s an important part of being healthy and taking care of yourself.
  • Show your children how to floss.
    Handing your child a piece of floss and expecting them to know what to do with it isn’t feasible. Start by flossing for them and letting them observe you. Encourage your child to try it on their own, but always check the job afterward.
  • Keep your own mouth healthy.
    Many parents share utensils, plates, and kisses with their children. Keeping your own mouth healthy can help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria to your children. More than that, setting a good example is the best way that you can share good oral hygiene habits with your children.
  • Avoid beverages at bedtime.
    Taking milk or juice to bed can cause sugars to settle around your child’s teeth. Once your child has brushed his teeth before bed, only allow him to drink water.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
    Encourage your entire family (including yourself) to maintain a healthy diet that reduces excess sugar and encourages fruits, vegetables, and fiber. This will help keep everyone’s teeth healthy and will promote overall good health in your home.