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At Park Place Dentistry, it’s not uncommon for our patients to ask a lot of questions about their dental insurance coverage in Orange County. There may be procedures or treatments that you need done that are not covered by your insurance, or are only partially covered.

For example, some plans will only cover two cleanings a year for each member, even if your situation warrants more cleanings each year for problems like gum disease. This isn’t the only situation where insurance might not cover all of what you need – crowns, root canals, or fillings might be not covered or only partially covered.

In many cases, dental benefits will not cover teeth whitening or the replacement of a tooth lost prior to the start of your coverage.

Since these insurance and benefits issues can be confusing, our staff is here to help you with any questions you might have.

Fast Facts

Although each insurance plan and patient situation is different, here are some general things to remember when it comes to our practice and your dental insurance company in Orange County:

  • Maximums are common. Depending on the plan, there is likely to be a maximum that your insurance policy will pay for each individual listed on the plan, per year. That means that you might need to spread out your treatments in order to get them covered.
  • Coinsurance is also common. This means that your plan will pay a percentage of your total, while you are responsible for the other half. The coinsurance percentages can change according to whether or not you are receiving preventative care or having major work done.
  • There may be a waiting period. Many dental insurance companies require a waiting period of a few months (or sometimes up to a year) for more extensive dental work.
  • Our staff will find out as much as we can to see what is covered under your dental plan and then provide you with an estimate that is as accurate as possible. However, please remember that we often won’t know for sure what your insurance will cover until we send a bill to the insurance company for the procedure. This means that the estimate that you are provided might change at a later time. We are always available to help with billing questions.

For a full list of companies we accept that provide dental insurance coverage in Orange County, contact our office today.